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Wiz Gallardo Returns with New Amapiano Single “Party”

Wiz Gallardo, the Ghanaian Afrobeat singer based in Upper East, has been on a musical break for some time. However, he has now returned to the music scene with a highly anticipated new single titled “Party”. This release is set to be an exciting return for the talented artist and will undoubtedly be well-received by fans.

The new single is an Amapiano track, a sub-genre of house music that originated in South Africa and has been gaining popularity across the African continent. Wiz Gallardo’s decision to incorporate this genre into his music shows his willingness to evolve and experiment with new sounds.

Fans of Wiz Gallardo have been eagerly waiting for his return to the music scene, and the announcement of “Party” has created a buzz within the industry. The anticipation for this release is a testament to the artist’s talent and the impact he has had on the Ghanaian music industry.

Wiz Gallardo’s return with a new Amapiano single is significant for the Ghanaian music industry. It shows that artists are willing to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of traditional genres. This willingness to experiment is what keeps the industry fresh and exciting for both artists and fans alike.


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