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This is obviously the height of it. It is an eyesore, what happened yesterday. An election which has been tainted with uncountable wrongdoings. Is this what the SRC of UEW stands for?

I have chanced upon a press release from the Electoral Commission dated 26th August, 2023 with reference SRC/ELECTIONS/22-23/001 on the update on the 2023 SRC General Elections, and signed by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of the SRC. In this release, the Electoral Commission claims that after polls yesterday, 13 out of 15 polling stations had their results declared, and provisionally.

As per the release, the remaining two polling stations, which are Simpa Block A2 and the Summer Hut behind North BBall Court were disrupted, hence the provisional results for those polling stations were not declared. Attaching the purported collated provisional results of 11 polling stations, the Electoral Commissioner added that collation continues today.

Now, I wish to bring to the attention of the Electoral Commission the numerous episodes of malpractices the SRC election was fraught with, in case they are not aware. For your information, polls at some polling stations were forcefully and unlawfully closed because a group of students hijacked those polling stations aiming to end voting at all cost for no significant reason. Eventually, they did, leaving several of our students with no opportunity to exercise their franchise in the elections. I am glad that in their release, the EC highlighted the fact that there were disruptions in some polling stations. In light of this, there is no way results from these polling stations can be collated and declared whatsoever.

am only appealing as a concerned student and a well-wisher for this institution and the SC, that the Electoral Commission should take their time and serve the noble students of this institution what they deserve. I would however be quick to add that any attempt to disregard these unfortunate incidents to declare the purported results would not be taken lightly. Elections at the identified polling stations and those other polling stations who suffered the unfortunate attacks must

be rerun or the entire electoral process be cancelled. I would personally take the Electoral Commission on if they should fail to deliver fairness and legitimacy in this matter.

Enough already with the negativity we force down the image of this revered institution. We can do better, and then tomorrow, we shall look back to this day and be thankful, for we have left a good legacy for which posterity shall be our judge.






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