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The worst coach of the last 10 years – Jose Mourinho’s third-season struggles are starting again at Roma

Jose Mourinho, one of the most decorated managers in the footballing world, is known for his tactical prowess and ability to create winning teams. However, in recent years, a concerning pattern has emerged. Mourinho’s third-season struggles seem to be rearing their ugly head once again, this time at his new club, Roma. Let’s delve deeper into this alarming trend and evaluate if Mourinho is indeed the worst coach of the last 10 years.

Just seven months after Chelsea won the Premier League title, coach Jose Mourinho has been fired.

A Brief Overview of Mourinho’s Success:

Before diving into his struggles, it’s essential to acknowledge Mourinho’s accomplishments. His success with Porto, where he won the UEFA Champions League in 2004, propelled him to managerial stardom. Leading Chelsea to consecutive Premier League titles, Inter Milan to a historic treble, and Real Madrid to La Liga glory, Mourinho cemented his status as one of the finest coaches of his generation.

The Ongoing Third-Season Syndrome:

Mourinho’s time at Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur is a testament to the consistent pattern of underperformance in his third year. During his third season at both clubs, the team’s form took a nosedive, accompanied by a series of high-profile clashes with players, staff, and media. Although he won the Europa League with United and reached the EFL Cup final with Spurs, these achievements were overshadowed by his team’s underwhelming performances.

Roma: The Tumultuous Beginning:

Mourinho’s appointment as the head coach of AS Roma generated considerable excitement among fans and pundits alike. However, the honeymoon phase seems to be waning prematurely. Roma started the season on a positive note, but recent results have hinted at familiar signs of trouble. Disappointing displays against Bodo/Glimt in the Conference League, Lazio in the Derby della Capitale, and the heavy defeat against Bologna have raised concerns about Mourinho’s ability to revive the team.

One central critique of Mourinho’s coaching style is his often rigid tactics, which can stifle creative players and inhibit free-flowing football. Additionally, his strained player relationships and public criticism have a profound impact on team morale and chemistry. As witnessed at United and Spurs, once the cracks begin to show, it becomes challenging for Mourinho to reconnect with his players and maintain their motivation over an extended period.

Is Mourinho the Worst Coach of the Last 10 Years?

While it may be presumptuous to label Mourinho the worst coach of the last decade, it is evident that his struggles during the third season need addressing. As a manager with an illustrious past, he must evolve and adapt his methods to suit modern football requirements. The ability to reinvent himself should not be underestimated if Mourinho is to silence his critics and prove that he can still succeed at the highest level.

Jose Mourinho’s third-season struggles at Roma are reminiscent of his time at Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. While it is too early to pass a definitive judgment, the signs of discord and underachievement are concerning for both the club and the manager. For Mourinho to escape the label of the worst coach of the last 10 years, he must address the issues that have haunted him in his previous stints and find a way to rekindle his magic in Rome. Only time will tell if he can defy the odds and rewrite his own narrative.

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