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Ten Hag expresses confidence in Manchester United’s mindset during their victory over Wolves.

According to Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, the team needs to improve their performance in order to achieve their goals, but he was satisfied with their defensive display in the Premier League match against Wolves.
Manchester United secured a victory against Wolves at Old Trafford in their first Premier League match of the 2023/2024 season. However, the team received criticism from the English media for their lacklustre performance. Many believed that Gar O’Neil’s team had opportunities to equalise and even win the game. 

Erik ten Hag, the team’s coach, admitted that there was room for improvement in their performance. Nevertheless, he highlighted some positives from the match, including their defensive organisation, clean sheet, and mentality. He emphasised the importance of collecting points and acknowledged that they would need to perform better to achieve this goal.

Ten Hag also praised his team’s ability to regain possession of high balls and defend effectively in a low block. He concluded that although there were areas for improvement, he saw many positive aspects of their performance in the match.


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