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Tempane Constituency
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Tempane Constituency : Cry for Help from Basyonde Neglected Roads

Residents of Basyonde, a common village within Tempane Constituency, Ghana, have been enduring deplorable road conditions for years, with no signs of improvement in sight. Local activist Ali Karim Issifu recently took to social media to express his anguish, sharing a heartfelt post along with a picture showcasing the dire state of the roads.

Issifu’s emotional Facebook post shed light on the dire situation faced by the community, where road construction has been conspicuously absent since 2016. The roads, which become particularly treacherous during the rainy season, have left the people of Basyonde in a state of distress and frustration. Despite political promises and rhetoric surrounding road improvements, the reality on the ground tells a different story.

One notable figure who has been brought to the forefront of this issue is Hon. Lydia Akanvariba, the Member of Parliament for the area. Alongside her, DCE Hon. Anabida Issaka and Hon. Lawyer Joseph Kpemka, former MP and Deputy Attorney General, have also been identified as key players in the political landscape of Tempane Constituency. It is unfortunate that these politicians have seemingly failed to address the pressing road infrastructure concerns within the constituency, while residents continue to endure the consequences.

Interestingly, pictures have surfaced showing Hon. Lawyer Joseph Kpemka resorting to using a bicycle due to the impassable road network while submitting his forms at the party office. This stark imagery highlights the severity of the situation and questions the sincerity of politicians who have failed to provide solutions for their constituents.

Tempane Constituency Tempane Constituency

Furthermore, the potential candidacy of Hon. Bashiru Ibrahim, the Deputy CEO for the Youth Employment Agency and a Basyonde native, has come under scrutiny. Despite his aspirations for the NPP Parliamentary candidate position in the upcoming 2024 elections, his silence on the road issue has raised doubts about his commitment to addressing the concerns of his fellow villagers.

The residents of Tempane Constituency deserve better than the neglect they have endured for years. The dire state of the roads and the apparent lack of action from those in power raises the question of whether these politicians are truly dedicated to fulfilling their promises or if their own interests take precedence.

As the constituency prepares for the upcoming elections, it remains to be seen if the concerns of the people of Basyonde will finally be taken seriously and if lasting solutions will be implemented to improve the road conditions that have long plagued the community.

Tempane Constituency

Tempane ConstituencyTempane Constituency

Tempane Constituency


  1. Q: Are the roads in Basyonde really that bad?
    • A: Yes, residents have been grappling with poor road conditions since 2016.
  2. Q: Who is Ali Karim Issifu and what did he post?
    • A: Ali Karim Issifu expressed frustration on Facebook over neglected roads.
  3. Q: Which politicians are involved in this issue?
    • A: Hon. Lydia Akanvariba, Hon. Anabida Issaka, and Hon. Lawyer Joseph Kpemka are mentioned.
  4. Q: Why did Hon. Joseph Kpemka use a bicycle?
    • A: He faced difficulty accessing the party office due to the bad road network.
  5. Q: What about Hon. Bashiru Ibrahim’s stance?
    • A: Despite aspiring for office, he hasn’t addressed the road problem.
  6. Q: Why is the community frustrated with politicians?
    • A: Politicians have promised improvements but failed to address the roads.
  7. Q: How have the residents been affected?
    • A: The poor road conditions pose challenges, especially during the rainy season.
  8. Q: What does the future hold for the constituency?
    • A: The upcoming elections may determine if road issues will be resolved.
  9. Q: Have the politicians responded to the outcry?
    • A: The blog post discusses the lack of action from the politicians.
  10. Q: What can be done to improve the situation?
    • A: Long-term road infrastructure solutions need to be implemented urgently.


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