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Youth in Garu and Tempane Speak Out Against Military Brutality

The recent events in Garu and Tempane districts have left many civilians hospitalized and outraged. Reports of military brutality have been circulating, and the youth in the area have decided to take action. On Tuesday at 2:00 PM, a press…

Silence in the Face of Brutality: Examining Joseph Dindiok Kpemka’s Response to the Garu and Tempane Incidents

Recent events in the communities of Garu and Tempane have shaken residents to their core. Reports of military brutality have sent shockwaves through these towns, leaving citizens vulnerable and seeking answers. Amidst this turmoil, one figure’s silence has not gone…

Police Refusal to Give Medical Report Forms to Victims of Military Brutality in Garu-Dr Thomas Anaaba

The recent military brutality in Garu and Tempane has left over 200 civilians hospitalized. In response to this, Dr Thomas Anaaba, the NDC parliamentary candidate of Garu, expressed his disappointment in a brief press release. He stated that the police…

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