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Seidu Abdul Razak Zenzeh has taken responsibility for covering all medical expenses for the individual who was reportedly assaulted by unidentified students at UEW.

During the recent University of Education, Winneba (UEW) Student Council (SC) General Elections in 2023, an unfortunate incident occurred. Nana Agyei, a Level 300 student from the political science department, was reportedly assaulted and injured by unidentified students. The incident took place at the Simpa Block polling station during the elections on August 25, 2023, Friday.

According to reports, a group of individuals protested at the polling station, and Nana Agyei became a victim of a violent act. He was struck in the face, resulting in a deep cut and profuse bleeding. As a result, he had to be immediately taken away from the scene for medical attention.

SEIDU ABDUL RAZAK ZENZEH, a candidate for the SRC elections, was informed about the incident and promptly went to the University Clinic (UEW) where Nana Agyei was taken for treatment. After facilitating the necessary medical procedures, including a visit to the doctor, Nana Agyei showed positive signs of recovery. He was given medication and discharged later that night to return to his hostel.

It is worth noting that SEIDU ABDUL RAZAK ZENZEH, the SC candidate, took the responsibility of covering all the medical expenses for Nana Agyei. This act of generosity demonstrates ZENZEH’s concern for the well-being of fellow students and his commitment to ensuring their safety and welfare during the elections.
In summary, during the UEW SRC General Elections in 2023, an unfortunate incident occurred where Nana Agyei was allegedly assaulted by unidentified students. SEIDU ABDUL RAZAK ZENZEH, an SC candidate, promptly responded to the situation, ensuring that Nana Agyei received the necessary medical care and covering all the associated expenses.

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