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Military Brutality in Garu: Over 100 Civilians Hospitalized

In the early hours of the morning, the military invaded the community of Garu, causing chaos and violence. Innocent civilians were beaten and over 100 were hospitalized as a result of this brutality. The community is outraged and calling for justice to be served.

This military brutality is believed to have been caused by the shooting of the national security v8 car, which was carrying guns to Bawku earlier in the week. However, this does not justify the violent actions taken against innocent civilians in Garu.

The community is taking to social media and other forms of media to call for an end to military brutality in Garu and Bugri. This kind of violence against civilians cannot be tolerated and justice must be served.

It is important for those in positions of power to take responsibility for their actions and ensure that the safety and well-being of civilians is a top priority. The community of Garu deserves justice and an end to this kind of violence.

Let us stand with the people of Garu and demand justice for this horrific act of military brutality. #MilitaryBrutality #Garu #Bugri #NationalSecurity #Justice

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