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Former MP Hon. Kpemka Unfulfilled Promises Loom Over Tempane Constituency Campaign

Hon. Kpemka Unfulfilled Promises

Former Member of Parliament for Tempane constituency and Deputy Attorney General, Hon. Kpemka, is facing scrutiny as he returns to the campaign trail in Tempane Constituency. Despite pledging to complete unfinished projects, he has yet to deliver on his promises, leaving local media to question his credibility.

In the aftermath of his defeat to Hon. Madam Lydia in the 2020 NPP Parliamentary seat contest for Tempane Constituency, Hon. Kpemka made bold claims about finishing ongoing projects he initiated during his tenure in 2016. He asserted that no one, not even the current MP, should interfere with these projects. His rhetoric was fueled by his confidence in his political allies and the power of the presidency.

Among the projects in question are vital community amenities like unfinished toilets, incomplete schools, and perilous roads that have become a hazard to residents. However, it appears that the passage of time has not seen these promises materialize.

With the upcoming elections on the horizon, Hon. Kpemka finds himself once again on the campaign trail, seeking votes from the very people he previously held accountable for his defeat. As he laments and vies for support, his critics highlight the contrast between his words and actions.

Local media outlets in the Tempane area are now stepping up to hold Hon. Kpemka accountable for his statements made during his defeat in 2020. They are interrogating his comments and demanding answers regarding the unfulfilled projects he pledged to complete.

Watch and listen to his interview here:

The people of Tempane deserve transparency and action from their political representatives. The disparity between the promises made and the actual progress on the ground raises questions about the sincerity and dedication of Hon. Kpemka to the betterment of his constituency.

For those interested in hearing directly from Hon. Kpemka, audio recordings of his statements are available on the provided channel. As the campaign season unfolds, Tempane Constituency residents are left to decide whether to entrust their votes to a candidate whose words have yet to match his deeds.

As the political landscape in Tempane Constituency heats up, the focus remains on whether Hon. Kpemka can address the concerns raised by his unfulfilled promises. Local media’s interrogation of his statements may shed light on the credibility and commitment of the aspiring NPP Parliamentary candidate.

The pictures below are some of his uncompleted projects:

Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Hon. Kpemka's Unfulfilled Promises Tempane Constituency


  1. Q: What promises did Hon. Kpemka make after losing the seat?
    • A: He vowed to complete his initiated projects, excluding interference.
  2. Q: What kind of projects did Kpemka promise to finish?
    • A: Unfinished toilets, incomplete schools, and hazardous roads.
  3. Q: Has Kpemka fulfilled his promises?
    • A: No, the projects he pledged to complete remain unfinished.
  4. Q: Is Kpemka running for office again?
    • A: Yes, he’s back on the campaign trail seeking support.
  5. Q: How is local media reacting to Kpemka’s claims?
    • A: Local media is questioning his credibility and demanding answers.
  6. Q: What happened in the 2020 elections?
    • A: Kpemka was defeated by Hon. Madam Lydia for the NPP Parliamentary seat.
  7. Q: What is the role of Hon. Madam Lydia?
    • A: She won the 2020 elections and currently holds the Parliamentary seat.
  8. Q: What prompted Kpemka’s recent campaign?
    • A: He’s seeking votes from constituents he previously blamed.
  9. Q: Are there audio recordings of Kpemka’s statements?
    • A: Yes, recordings of his remarks are available for reference.
  10. Q: What’s the significance of this situation for Tempane?
    • A: The discrepancy between promises and actions raises concerns about Kpemka’s commitment.
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