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Bawku conflict
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Escalation of Bawku Conflict : Burning of Vehicles and Tensions in North East Region

A disturbing incident occurred on August 12, 2023, in Gbimsi, a suburb of Walewale, where a Kia Rhino truck carrying animals was set ablaze by a group of community members. The incident is believed to be linked to the ongoing Bawku conflict, despite Gbimsi being outside the direct area of conflict. The truck, reportedly loaded with cattle from Weriyanga in the Upper East region en route to Kumasi, was owned by an individual from the Upper West region, of Dagaati descent. The driver, an Asante by tribe, was the unfortunate victim of the incident.

The attack has raised concerns and shock across the region, particularly as it follows a pattern of vehicular burnings that have occurred on the Walewale road, seemingly in connection with the Bawku conflict. The tensions are believed to be fueled by the influence of a small faction of Mamprusis in Bawku who are extending the conflict’s reach into the North East region.

One incident of note took place on July 21, 2023, when a VIP bus traveling from Kumasi to the Upper East was burnt in front of the Walewale police station, located opposite the residence of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, who himself hails from the Mamprusi tribe in Walewale. It’s worth noting that despite being from the Mamprusi tribe and having a significant connection to the region, the Vice President has remained silent regarding the escalating tensions.

Alarming evidence has emerged from social media, implicating individuals with connections to the Mamprusi tribe. One individual, “Issifu Abdul Latif,” whose Facebook profile identifies him as a blogger, soldier’s academy alumnus, and a resident of Walewale, shared pictures and comments celebrating the burning of another Kia vehicle in Gbimsi. Another individual, “Mamprugu Kuya,” took to social media to mockingly claim responsibility for the attacks.

The mounting evidence suggests that the North East region’s Mamprusis might be involved in the ongoing Bawku conflict, despite the conflict’s primarily localized nature. The Mamprusis in Walewale have taken to targeting vehicles carrying passengers between the south and the Bawku area, resulting in tragic incidents where passengers have been killed.

This series of attacks raises important questions about the possible involvement and motives of the Mamprusis in the North East region. As the conflict’s reach extends beyond its original epicenter, concerns are growing regarding the safety of both residents and travelers passing through the affected areas.

The Vice President’s silence on the matter has led to speculation about his involvement or lack of intervention due to tribal affiliations. The situation remains tense, and local authorities are urged to take swift action to restore peace and ensure the safety of all residents and travelers in the region.

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Bawku conflict

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Question: What happened in Gbimsi town involving a burning truck? Answer: A Kia truck loaded with animals was burnt by community members in Gbimsi, Walewale.

2. Question: When did the incident occur? Answer: The incident took place on August 12, 2023.

3. Question: What was the purpose of the truck’s journey? Answer: The truck was transporting cattle from Weriyanga to Kumasi.

4. Question: Who owned the burnt truck? Answer: The owner was an individual from the Upper West region.

5. Question: What tribe did the driver belong to? Answer: The driver was an Asante by tribe.

6. Question: Why are these incidents connected to the Bawku conflict? Answer: The influence of Mamprusis from Bawku is extending the conflict’s reach.

7. Question: Is the Vice President connected to the conflict? Answer: The Vice President, a Mamprusi, has remained silent about the tensions.

8. Question: Are there social media posts related to these incidents? Answer: Yes, individuals have shared celebratory posts on social media.

9. Question: Are Mamprusis targeting vehicles in the region? Answer: Yes, Mamprusis in Walewale have attacked vehicles, causing fatalities.

10. Question: What is the broader impact of these attacks? Answer: The conflict’s expansion raises concerns about safety for residents and travelers.

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