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Celebrating Abugri De Great: Nominated for Overall Artist of the Year and Gospel Song of the Year at the Kusaug Talent Awards

Abugri De Great shines as a remarkable gospel artist with a passion for spreading the message of faith and hope through his music. We are delighted to celebrate his achievements as he has been nominated for two highly coveted awards at the esteemed Kusaug Talent Awards. Join us as we explore the musical journey of Abugri De Great, his inspiring gospel songs, and the well-deserved recognition he has received.

Abugri Stephen, widely known as Abugri De Great, is a talented gospel artist who has dedicated his music career to uplifting hearts and souls. His music resonates with listeners, touching them on a deep spiritual level. With a music ministry known as Abugri De Great Ministries, Abugri De Great has established a strong presence on various social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Audiomark, SoundCloud, and more.

Nominated for Overall Artist of the Year and Gospel Song of the Year
The Kusaug Talent Awards, a prestigious event that recognizes exceptional talent in the music industry, has acknowledged Abugri De Great’s remarkable contributions. His nomination for Overall Artist of the Year highlights his versatility, dedication, and impact as a gospel artist. Additionally, his nomination for Gospel Song of the Year reflects the power and beauty of his music, connecting with audiences

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