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Bawku : Military Busts Seven Mamprusis Criminals, Recovers Machine gun

The Military Taskforce in Bawku in the Upper East Region on Saturday arrested seven suspected criminals from the Mamprusis enclave in connection with the latest gun attack on some residents in the Bawku township. The suspects on Saturday afternoon shot into a crowd of people who were going about their normal business activities killing one and injuring three.

The suspects were arrested on Sunday, August 13, 2023, following a series of shootings in the town. The injured persons were rushed to the Bawku Presbyterian Hospital and are currently responding to treatment.

One of the suspects was found to be in possession of M16 raffle and was retrieved. It is unclear how he got the gun, but it is being investigated.

They are 52-year old Alhssan Abu, a Dagomba, 22-year old Salam Arafat, a Bisa, 16-year old Kasum Jamal, a Moshie, 31-year old Issah Mohamed Nashiru, a Moshie, and 29-year old Seidu Abdul Gafal, a Gonja.

This unfortunate incident occurred few weeks after the military led by Col. Awuah Antwi Darkwaa, the Commanding Officer in charge of operations in Bawku called on both factions in the prolonged conflict in Bawku – the Mamprusis and the Kusaas to put down the guns and come together as one to ensure peace return.

The arrest of the seven suspects is a major blow to the Mamprusis criminals. It is hoped that their arrest will bring some peace to the town of Bawku.

However, the seven arrested warriors in custody now at Bolga should be thoroughly investigated. They represent just a fraction of the Mamprusi guys who are trained by the terrorist. They are the cause of the Bawku prolonged unrest.

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The people of Bawku are now WIDE awake, following the unfolding of events. They are demanding justice and a lasting solution to the violence in their town.

The military has called on the public to provide any information they may have about the activities of the Mamprusis criminals. They have also assured the people of Bawku that they are committed to protecting them.

The arrest of the seven suspects is a positive development, but it is important to note that the problem of banditry in Bawku is not yet solved. The military and the police need to continue to work together to apprehend the remaining criminals and bring them to justice.

The people of Bawku also need to play their part by reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities. Together, we can make Bawku a safe place to live.

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