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Akparibo Zephaniah Mbonswin Announces Candidacy for NASPA President in Tempane District

Akparibo Zephaniah Mbonswin, a national service personnel in the Tempane District, has announced his candidacy for the position of NASPA President. Zephaniah is passionate about improving the welfare of national service personnel and promoting community development in the district.

As a national service personnel himself, Zephaniah  understands the challenges that service personnel face and is committed to working towards improving their welfare. He believes that by working together, service personnel can create a better experience for themselves and contribute to the development of the district.

Zephaniah’s vision for the role of NASPA President is centered around community development. He believes that by promoting transparency and accountability in the association, he can help build a stronger and more effective organization that truly serves the needs of the community.


contact Akparibo Zephaniah Mbonswin: 0546279565


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